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At Lit Leafs, our mission is to provide all-natural organic alternatives to your traditional tobacco products. All-natural means our products are free of nicotine and tobacco as well as any harmful additives or artificial chemicals. Lit Leafs line of 100% organic hemp and hand-rolled leafs offer a slow burn, rich flavor, and premium consumption experience in every pack. When it’s time for you to get lit, smoke Lit Leafs! 


Gina Grogan, Co-founder/CEO

Gina Grogan, a native of Oakland, CA; is a marketing graduate of California State Univ. Northridge. After making Los Angeles her home, Gina has seen success in many endeavors. She spent over 5yrs in corporate positions in the areas of branding, licensing, and marketing; working with celebrities, brands, sports and tech companies. Pursuing her entrepreneurial aspirations, Gina is a sought after barber and owner of a premier grooming lounge. Gina’s love for creating brands and developing businesses, fuels her desire to increase her entrepreneurial acumen and business portfolio.


Justin Courtney, Co-founder/COO

Justin Courtney is an experienced cannabis Business Development and Sales Director, writer, and stand up comic from Los Angeles, CA. An alumni of Xavier University of Louisiana, he possesses over ten years of successful profit-producing culture cultivation within corporations and high growth/early-stage startups. His love for connecting culture, creativity, and business continues to inspire his growth throughout various mediums of expression.