Why smoke our palm leafs versus a tobacco leaf?

Our palm leafs do not contain the harmful carcinogens that tobacco leafs contain. Palm leafs are nicotine-free and do not produce an artificial “buzz” that comes with smoking tobacco. Simply put, natural palm leafs provide a healthier alternative to tobacco blunts.


Are the glass filter tips reusable?

Yes! Simply clean with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly.


Do any of your products contain cannabis?

Our products do not contain cannabis. We offer all-natural, empty cones for you to pack your desired content into and consume.


Why does each leaf look different?

Our leafs are 100% all-natural, and thus will have naturally occurring characteristics.


How do I use a leaf roll or hemp cone?

Simply pack/stuff either the leaf roll or hemp cone. Use the provided stick to pack your contents inside the leaf roll or cone….No rolling or licking necessary; simply pack and smoke!


How do I keep my leaf rolls fresh?

We recommend placing your leafs in a humidor or storing them with 62% humidity packs in order to preserve their freshness.